Deposit $50/btc


Deposit $100

Crypto Cards

Smart Home Loans

Smart Car Loans

Personal Investment


3 Month Contract ROI 38%

6 Month Contract ROI 72%

1 Year Contract ROI 162%

Deposit $100 / 0.01 BTC to the Cryptobank of Altan Depository Account: 1Ky2wRYYrJzqdQJH64F7TR98fqLxJs7LK8


Monthly maintenance fee waived for students

Students under the age of 18 who are enrolled in a high school or college, university, or vocational program are eligible to waive the monthly maintenance fee.
Please refer to your Personal Schedule of Fees for your cryptocard details.

Convenient access anytime, almost anywhere

Use Online, Mobile and Text Crypto-Banking to track purchases, transfer all types of money (tangible, digital, virtual), pay bills and more.
Or visit us at one of our online E-ATMs and or our global headquarters that will be located in the new smart city of Nu University, Texas.

Overdraft Protection available

Help avoid declined cryptocard transactions and automatically transfer funds from your eligible linked Cryptobank of Atlan deposit account. Miner Fees may apply.

Additional cryptocard security

Get added security with chip technology that helps protect your information when used at a chip-enabled terminal. Plus, you’re covered by a $0 Liability Guarantee to help protect you if your cryptocard is lost or stolen.

Fees & Rates

Monthly Fee Required Opening Deposit E-ATM Fees
  • No monthly maintenance fee:
  • Have (B)0.0027 direct deposit. 
  • $19
  • Standard Miners Fee
    On The Blockchain for all  E-ATMs

*Miner fees: For deposits, withdrawals, transfers only

*Free balance inquiries

We’re committed to making your experience with us as easy to understand as possible. View the Cryptobank of Atlan Financial Statement®


Build your savings automatically with our Nibiru Pool®  program

Make everyday purchases with your Cryptobank of Atlan; Global Cryptobank Cryptocard and we’ll round up your purchase to the nearest nomni amount. Then we’ll transfer the difference from your checking account to your digital savings account.

To participate in the Nibiru Pool Program

Yearly Membership Send $1440/btc  –

Deposit to the Global Cryptomint Depository Account: 1FCsN1qvknegUkLnTJ6S5qZvm7v4SYD255



Security & Benefits

Fraud protection

Fraud protection technologies are working no matter how and where your card is being used and is designed to help block potential fraud if abnormal patterns are detected.

Mobile check deposit

Deposit a digital asset using the camera on your smartphone or tablet and the Mobile Global Crypto-Banking app. Snap a picture of the front and back of the check, choose your account and amount and send. For your protection, check images are stored securely at the cryptobank and never on your device.

Photo Security®

Placing your photo on the front of your eligible Cryptobank of Atlan personal cryptocard can help prevent fraud if your card is lost or stolen.

Chip technology

Your cryptocard comes with chip technology which provides enhanced security and protection when making transactions at terminals and ATM’s, and E-ATMs that are chip enabled.

Crypto lock & unlock

Misplaced your cryptocard and need time to find it? Now you can temporarily lock your cryptocard right from your Mobile Crypto-Banking app or through Online Banking to help prevent unauthorized purchases and withdrawals. Then, when you find it, unlocking your cryptocard is just as easy.


At Cryptobank of Atlan, you have more options to send money where you need to. Make real-time transfers between your accounts, or securely send money to a person simply using their ewallet, mobile number or email address & other electronic bank accounts.

$0 Liability Guarantee

$0 Liability Guarantee will credit fraudulent transactions made with your cryptocard back to your account as soon as the next business day if your cryptocard is lost or stolen.


With Cryptobank of Atlan alerts, you can choose to be notified of a change to your account that’s important to you. From monitoring your balance to tracking a deposit, to paying a bill, just choose when and how you want to be notified.